See where your money goes and plan for your estimated tax payments.  We download your settlement sheets when available and use the information you supply on an ongoing basis.

  • Expense Tracking: Take all of the deductions you are entitled to:

    Detailed Expense Sheet  for out-of-pocket expenses (there are over 115 items) can be done via fax, e-mail, smart phone or directly on our web site.  We can access your account settlement sheets and pay stubs directly from your employer to keep your tax records up to date.

  • Tax Management: Avoid an unexpected tax liability at the end of the year. Current data-based Quarterly Tax Estimates, for Year-end State and Federal tax returns, Estimated quarterly payment coupons provided. Accounting records provided if audited.

  • Monthly Statements: Receive monthly updates on the profit of your business.  Statements showing the revenue, fixed and variable costs and net income of your business.


  • Payroll Preparation: If applicable; when incorporated or as an LLC. Payroll services are an important part of incorporation and we can provide payroll on a monthly, twice-monthly, or weekly basis for multiple trucks or employees.

  • Tax Preparation: Tax preparation includes your entity returns and tax estimates. In addition, if you use your business checking or credit card accounts for business only, with no co-mingling of personal funds, we can capture most of your tax-deductible expenses for your business when we reconcile your accounts.

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Expense Tracking, Tax Management and Monthly Statements starting at $30/month.  Multi-truck discount.

Average Federal and State Tax return cost with this program is $250.00.

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